Saturday, March 14, 2009

John Woo and his Dastardly Hard Boiled.

Does anyone else think John Woo ripped off Die Hard when he made Hard Boiled? I was watching it tonight and the whole hospital under siege really felt like Nakatomi Plaza. Die Hard was made in 88 and Hard Boiled came out in 92, so it seems likely. Of course, John McClane only killed a dozen terrorists whereas Tequila and that undercover dude waste about 260 guys, but the whole premise seemed very similar. Police gathering outside getting blown up... SWAT being generally incompetent and ineffective against the terrorists... the villain with a plan to somehow blow up the entire building... the main hero leaping out of a window to safety by hanging onto some sort of rope... am I the only one who sees this?

And one last thing... that actor who plays the undercover dude is really really typecast, cause he goes on and plays the exact same character in Infernal Affairs. Right down to getting shot at the end.

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