Friday, March 13, 2009

Stephen King's It

Anyone remember Stephen King's It miniseries? Apparently they're gonna try and make it a theatrical film over at Warner Bros.

Ya know, maybe it's cause I was just a kid when I watched it but the 1990 TV miniseries was pretty amazing. It's this strong sort of nostalgia and dread warped together in the form of a clown. Just one of those childhood memories you can never shake, sometimes remembering bits and pieces at random moments through life. And I always had a crush on Emily Perkins who played Beverly Marsh. It feels weird to admit that now that I'm all grown up, but hey... just the truth. Thank god they didn't follow the book that literally and have all the boys plow her train-style down in the sewer. See, that probably would've scarred me for life, even if it wasn't set to "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen.

I'll definitely go see this if they make it, but the most important question is who's going to play Pennywise. Unfortunately Heath Ledger's dead so that's one obvious choice gone. But ya know, anyone stepping into Pennywise's big clown shoes is gonna have just as hard a time as the next Joker, because Tim Curry was fucking brilliant. The butler from Clue, Pennywise, Rocky Horror Picture Show... this man is an institution I tells ya. True, Ledger claimed the Joker from Nicholson but I find it hard to imagine that lightning will strike twice and Curry's Pennywise will probably not be topped.

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