Monday, February 9, 2009

56-year-old becomes first woman to swim Atlantic

Now see, I think this story's a complete fraud. At first I was really impressed, cause someone swam across the whole fucking Atlantic ocean. But then I read the article and it comes off as a copout. Follow me along here.

"Figge woke most days around 7 a.m., eating pasta and baked potatoes while she and the crew assessed the weather."

WTF? She was sleeping? She was able to sleep while swimming in the Atlantic? How the fuck does that work out? And she had food delivered to her? That's just cheating. And having a crew? Why would you have a crew if you're swimming solo? It makes no sense. Then I read this...

"Her longest stint in the water was about eight hours, and her shortest was 21 minutes."

Her longest stint was eight hours? WTF? Shouldn't your longest stint be from when you leave one side of the Atlantic to when you set foot on the other fucking side? How can her longest stint be only eight hours? What was she doing after that? Getting onto a boat? How does that qualify as swimming across the ocean? This is just weak. I am completely underwhelmed by her "achievement."

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