Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snorting Pixie Sticks

Has anybody tried this? Doesn't it seem like it'd be cheaper and safer then snorting cocaine? Cause if you do cocaine, you're running all sorts of risks. Drug addiction, overdosing... not to mention having to deal with seedy dealers who might or might not be dangerous. Plus, you're contributing money to drug violence, whether the Mexican cartels or the Colombian guys. Ya know, those guys who're gunning people down and cutting off their heads and rolling them into news stations. That shit just isn't cool.

So with pixie sticks, you're forgoing all of that. It's not dangerous, right? I mean, it's just sugar, so snorting it can't be that bad for you. Worst thing is you might get diabetes. But not an overdose that would kill you outright. And nobody gets hurt in the production of the sugar. Also, it's uncut. Just pure sugar. There aren't any weird substances used to dilute it that might be hazardous to your health.

And ya know, if you get tired of snorting the pixie sticks, you can just eat it like normal. I mean, I love pixie sticks, they're still tasty when you're an adult. Only complaint I have with them is that they can get to be just a little too sweet if you suck it down hard. Like, I'd prefer that sour sort of sugar they use to coat on sour belts and stuff. Cause I've always just preferred sourness to sweetness. When you have too much sour candy, your tongue just gets kinda numb and maybe hurts a bit. Whereas if you have too much sweetness, it just gets overpowering and almost makes you want to puke. So I'd take the sour over the sweet.

Only thing I don't know is if you'll eventually get a hole in your nose from snorting pixie sticks. That might be a bit of a downside I suppose. Oh yea, and you might not actually get a high from snorting it. Kinda different from snorting cocaine. But ya know, for casual guys like me... it doesn't sound bad.

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