Monday, February 9, 2009

Jonah Hill: Young Brett Ratner?

Seriously, doesn't he resemble a youthful Brett Ratner? Ratner, if you weren't aware, is the director of all three Rush Hour movies... which were fucking terrible stains on cinema. Jonah Hill's the tub of lard who stared in "Superbad."

I dunno, they just seem like clones of each other. They're both overweight, they both have that bad hair... it's amazing.

BTW, how the hell is Jonah Hill dating one of the Olsens? How does that work? I guess it must be true what they say, women do go for guys who can make them laugh. Cause I honestly can't imagine what else Jonah Hill would offer a girl. I doubt he's that rich, or else I'd say girls go for guys who have shitloads of money. But Jonah Hill couldn't have made that much off of Superbad and his smallish role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, right? I mean, rich girls like the Olsens... don't they generally go for the heirs of Greek shipping companies or something? That notion entered my consciousness somehow. Jonah Hill's one lucky fucking fat fuck, that's all I can say.

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