Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Clothing and Dressing Rooms: The Unanswered Question

Have you ever worked in uh, a clothing store? A place where they sell clothing? Like shirts and socks and pants, the whole kit and kaboodle?

I dunno what kit and kaboodle really means, I just don't, it's just something I picked up somewhere... literary device, sounds catchy...

No? Oh, good. That's good, cause I was just wondering about the uh, the laundry policy for that kinda business. Specifically, the dressing rooms. Now, they let you try on clothes before you buy em. But... and this is the important part... how often do they actually take those clothes to the laundry when someone tries out the clothing but then ends up not buying em? You've got these unknown strangers, with god-knows what sorta personal hygiene, trying out the wares you're trying to sell. And do they just put those clothes back on the rack afterwards? Do they immediately put em into a hamper? How big would their backroom have to be to do that? Cause I imagine a lot of people try on all sorts of clothing but then find that they don't like it. So all that's gotta get cleaned, right? Imagine some big heavyset guy who's just ran a marathon comes in and tries out clothing? It's gonna be all sweaty and maybe greasy too... that's not good. That's not something you can just put right back onto some shelves.

Do you think they go to the laundrymat every day? Maybe every three days? It's gotta be a pretty fast turnaround time, right?

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