Friday, July 10, 2009

What's a pedometer?

This. This is a pedometer.

I have to say, I totally did not expect that to be what a pedometer was. I was thinking... ya know what, this pedometer must be some sort of meter to determine how much of a pedophile you are, right? That's what it's gotta be, so you can find some kind of metric to grade yourself by as a budding pedo. It probably starts with some little stuff, like whether you find a 16 year old Emma Watson attractive, and goes all the way down to how you feel about Dakota Fanning back at the beginning of her film career... that's uh, that's probably what it does. It just goes down in steps like that.

Boy, I was pretty glad it wasn't that. Cause I've actually seen some funny images on the net for those kinds of pedo meters. But uh, apparently that's not what an actual pedometer is.

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