Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Beatles Rock Band? WTF?

I don't get it, why's this game called The Beatles Rock Band? Shouldn't it be called Rock Band The Beatles? For example, it's not called The Wrath of Khan: Star Trek II, it's Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The subtitle goes after the main title, see? Like with Star Wars, it's Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, not The Empire Strikes Back: Star Wars. Or you might say The Empire Strikes Back: Episode V: Star Wars. That's a double subtitled name. That would be really silly. This isn't a game in the franchise series of The Beatles, this is a game about The Beatles in the franchise series of Rock Band. The main attraction for this game is that it's going to be Rock Band, but with Beatles songs. It's not going to be The Beatles, playing their songs with Rock Band instruments. If that was actually what it was about, then maybe you could name it The Beatles Rock Band.

So really, this game should be called Rock Band The Beatles. Title before subtitle. Don't do things ass backwards, there's no call for that kind of nonsense. Does Alex Navarro agree? I bet he would if he read this. Why should Rock Band go on the tail end of The Beatles? This is a band that hasn't been relevant since the 1960s. With their dumb bowl cuts and outrageous Japanese wives who like peaches floating in a bowler hat. That's not really something that should take precedent over the actual game series of Rock Band. And I don't even like rhythm games, for God's sake. Who the hell thinks rhythm games are great and amazing? Did anyone actually think that DDR was some sort of astounding achievement? How is Rock Band any different? It's the same exact sort of thing. Mindless repetitive button pressing according to some streaming lines on a screen. The graphics don't even matter for a rhythm game, all they have to render is that endless flowing chart going down the screen. It's a joke.

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