Sunday, May 9, 2010

WoW's Clearly Calamitous Catastrophic Cataclysm! Details ahead

Geez, does it seem like Blizzard's just kinda given up on putting forth any sort of effort? At this point, it just seems like they're desperately trying to keep the money train rolling. Ya know, first there's the Burning Crusade. Which was about Outland, which had some fires and a uh... crusade of some sort. It made some sense. Then the Wrath of the Lich King, which was about Arthas being angry about something. And he was the Lich King. So that also worked. But now, what do they do? They give us a remodeled Azeroth that allows flying mounts, which is nice but seems kinda odd for a full blown expansion. And it's called Cataclysm. Like, really? You couldn't really think up anything better then Cataclysm? Ripping off the name of a Homeworld game? Anyone know what I'm talking about? Cataclysm was the Barking Dog expansion pack for the original Homeworld. Pretty good one too, but it was about warships fighting it out in 3D space. In an RTS. Not much in common with a fantasy RPG game.

That's the best you can come up with, "Cataclysm?" Way to phone it in, Blizzard.

Wouldn't something like "Revenge of Deathwing" be more descriptive? I was gonna say "Wrath of Deathwing" but the Lich King had already wrathed. There's not enough wrath to go around, I guess.

Yea, that was a Star Trek II/ROTS reference

...Oh damn... there's gonna be Heroic Van Cleef? Okay, fuck the lame name... I'm back on board. THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME.

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