Friday, May 22, 2009

AvP 3: Joygasm!

So so happy right now.

That screenshot looks like it's the screenshot of the most perfect game ever. Cmon, look at that marine lying on the floor firing his rifle up at the leaping alien. That is just so *perfect*. I mean, it looks like it'll be a tactical squad shooter, which is my favorite kind of shooter. I never liked how AvP 1 had you as a lone marine. AvP 2 was a little bit better about that, I guess.

Unless it's a scripted sequence, or a clunky mechanic. Who knows. It could turn out to be bad. But right now, everything in that screenshot holds the promise of being great. The strangest aspect of that pic is the weapon he's holding, don't ya think? It looks like some weird double barrelled pulse rifle.

They also released this teaser trailer, which featured... a lot of logos flashing across the screen, and then 2 seconds of an Alien screaming. That was pretty lame.

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