Monday, May 18, 2009

I could use some cheering up right now.

Why is that? Well... I started having sound issues on the computer a day or two ago. Af first, just thought it was the sound card finally dying. Cause I've been upgrading my various components over the years, but never the sound card. Just cause sound in games... doesn't really require new hardware like 3d accelerators and the like. So mine's a really old Sound Blaster Live. Can't even find the drivers for it online, I still need to install from this old cd.

So yea, just reinstalled the drivers, thought that would fix it. But no, it turns out the problem's actually my headphones, which are only about a year old or so. That was surprising. And it's not a complete discombobulation, there just seems to be an issue with the wiring... cause I tested it out and found that if I position the cord a certain way, it actually won't make fizzling noises and actually plays perfectly.

Now I've got my cord tied up to the top part of the headset with one of those little plastic tie thingys. It looks pretty ridiculous. But there's still sound. So yea, it'll do until I order a new headset from Amazon.

Sorry for being such a downer.

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