Friday, May 15, 2009

More thoughts on Star Trek

Ya know, this is a recent thought I've had, but didn't you think those Vulcan children bullying Spock at the beginning were just a bit too... unimaginative in their approach? To me, that scene starting with them all being in those little tanks reciting philosophy and mathematical equations was a good way of letting you know that "These kids are far from normal. They are Vulcan children, and Vulcan is a vastly different society then what we know." Those bullies, they really didn't seem like Vulcan children, just regular human kids with pointy prosthetics, emotional cruelty and all. I dunno if it's because I've read so many of the novels, but I always had this vision of Vulcan children being a lot more logical and just plain calculating if they were to taunt someone. Ya know, more subtle jabs... not just being blunt and calling your mother a whore.

The scene just felt a bit too heavy handed. Kids are kids but... alien kids in a society where all emotion is shunned... you'd imagine they would behave differently. That science academy scene with Spock was more of the Vulcan way that I wished was in the first scene. A lot more subtly pointed.

I will say, seeing Spock with that split lip and a little green blood on it was nice. Just to let us know that Abrams hadn't forgotten that Vulcans bleed green. Cause I can totally imagine some casual moviegoers sitting there wondering why there's a green smudge on his lip.

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