Friday, May 15, 2009

Pacing in Wolverine the game

I've been thinking about the overall rhythm and... the game doesn't seem to be paced as well as Raven's own MUA, just because they were forced to go along with the film's plot instead of doing their own thing. Here, you've got this really long ass escape from Weapon X which takes a good couple hours, plus a lot of time spent in Africa that wasn't all that interesting. That could've been shorter, I think. Raven's original contribution to the story, the Sentinel chapter, that was well done, it seemed to be the right length. But right after that Sentinel MK 1 boss fight, you're just thrown right into another with the Blob. That's not the sort of pacing that you usually have in a game like this. Then the New Orleans chapter, which was basically one long fight with Gambit. After that, you're expecting a good chunk of gameplay left on Three Mile Island. But instead, you're fighting soldiers in one big room, and then a boss fight with Sabertooth, and the ending fight with Deadpool. Really short and perfunctory.

And does anyone else find it funny how they try and explain the Wendigos by saying that they're prototype experiments and they also lack all fur, unlike the Wendigo in the comics? Ya know, it sorta seems like they're trying to make it more grounded and realistic and less silly? But then they go and send weird teleporting blue women and giant lava monsters at you in Africa without any attempt to explain it? It's just... "Yea whatever dude, go fight these crazy African things. I dunno, Africa... man, it's crazy."

I thought that was rather amusing.

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