Monday, May 18, 2009

Job Safety Hazard #1 for Clan Elementals

Ya know... I was just rereading The Jade Phoenix trilogy yesterday, and flipped to the middle section where the Wolf forces are attacking Glory station. Ya know, Kael Pershaw and Aidan have this plan to ambush the Wolf forces with his Elementals inside mechs. And of course, his girlfriend Elemental Lanja unfortunately gets crushed by a falling enemy Mech.

And that was pretty enlightening, because it made me think about Elementals in a whole new light. I mean, if you think about it... that'd probably be their number one job safety hazard, right? Just getting crushed by falling Mechs that they've disabled. Cause their entire role is centered around getting close and personal to a Mech, swarming all over em, ripping them apart, and then somehow getting away before the Mech explodes due to a fusion reactor going off or having it fall on top of em. It's all close quarters combat... unless you're talking about some of the newer specialized power armors that do a bit of sniping. *shrug*

And that aspect of their combat isn't really uh... fleshed out at all in the PnP game, is it? Are there special rules that relate to getting crushed by falling Mechs? I don't think I've ever read of any. It was just something that the fiction had which really would not have occurred to me if I'd just played the game. Something that really adds to the danger and reinforces how brave Elementals have to be to do their job. They're considered cannon fodder next to Mechs and it's pretty apparent why. Even if you dodge the enemy lasers and Mech fists trying to punch you out of the sky, you've still gotta be extremely focused and attentive while escaping or... giant 100 ton Mech's going to serve as your coffin lid.

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