Saturday, May 16, 2009

MW2 stands for MechWarrior 2

No, MW2 does not stand for Modern Warfare 2. It stands for MechWarrior 2, one of the greatest games of all time. I mean, who the hell didn't play MW2 packaged with some sort of obscure 3D accelerator back in the day? It was a fucking giant in the industry. Okay, so the ER PPCs weren't really supposed to be giant slow moving blue balls, but everything else was amazing at the time. So here we come to now, and all of a sudden, people are using the abbreviation MW2 to talk about Modern Warfare 2, and I'm wondering why they're discussing a mech sim from 1995? It's really bizarre. And it's not just MW2, this problem with these uh, these abbreviations is everywhere. When I say ME, do I mean Mass Effect or Mirror's Edge? Does DM mean Dead Mines or Dire Maul? GoW can either stand for Gears of War or God of War. This is a thorny issue.

In this case, I really think MW2 should remain the domain of MechWarrior 2. Cause really, you can just call Modern Warfare 2... you could call it CoD 5. Or CoD 6, if you count Call of Duty: World at War as CoD 5. Which Infinity Ward doesn't, but Treyarch seems to. I dunno how that all works out. But it's a Call of Duty game, so a CoD abbreviation seems appropriate. There's no need to steal the time honored MW2 abbreviation. Ya know, like how they uh, organize things in our U.S. Senate. Seniority rules. If you've been elected longer, you get the better committee positions, the better offices, the hotter interns, all those perks. No different here, I say. Sorta like how people talk about Tim Burton's first Batman flick as Batman 89, in order to avoid confusion with the Adam West film in the 60s.

Or you know, it's perfectly reasonable to just spell it out. Ya know, write Modern Warfare 2. Now, you might say... hey, that's pretty long, it's inconvenient to write it out. Well, I'm not too sure. It's longer then MW2, but not as long as, let's say, Call of Duty 5 Modern Warfare 2. If we shorten that, it turns into CoD5MW2. Which is pretty darn descriptive.

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