Saturday, January 3, 2009

BattleTech: Thoughts on Aidan Pryde

I think Aidan Pryde is much more likable then Victor Steiner-Davion. Victor Steiner Davion is to me the Luke Skywalker of the BT universe. That's not a compliment, by the way. I don't know who Aidan Pryde would be, but I find him much more complex and understandable. Plus, it doesn't hurt that he's a Clan hero.

Aidan Pryde was one of the few reformed Clan warriors. His best friend was a freeborn, he eventually forgave and made up with Joanna and Marthe... he might not have been a Gandhi, but he was plenty likable.

What was the one main difference between Aidan and Victor? The key factor that makes me respect Aidan, yet I can't respect Victor?

Throughout the three books of the Trilogy, we see Aidan struggling for self worth, a modicum of respect, and his very survival. Hardships time after time. Trying to make the best of a second chance, one which costs the lives of others. A life of shame, guilt, and silent resolve.

Victor is born the prince of the most powerful allied faction in the entire Inner Sphere. Always in the lap of luxury. What does he have to worry about? Whether he'll get accepted into the most prestigious Mech academy, or merely the second most prestigious Mech academy. He gets everything handed to him, even a Dire Wolf OmniMech. His hardship to bear in life? How to get the hot princess of the Draconis Combine into bed with him. Is it any wonder I can't stand the guy?

This picture really illustrates why I dislike Luke Skywalker.

Really makes you wonder how people tolerated him for three whole movies.

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