Saturday, January 3, 2009

I can't stop thinking about that Busted Tees girl.

Has anyone noticed how seems to have a lot of different female models now to replace Erica Sullivan? That seems really poor marketing strategy to me, cause those shirts that are modeled without Erica Sullivan probably sell way worse then the ones with Erica Sullivan. Do you think she asked for too much money or something? I for one would like her to model every shirt on there.

Also, a lot of people have compared her to Snorg Tee's model Alice Fraasa. I for one would pick Erica Sullivan every single time. In case you still aren't aware, Erica is the redhead with the killer rack. She modeled most of their older catalogue but their newer stuff has had much less of her. She just has that sorta girl next door appeal that's really quite attractive to me, while Alice Fraasa perhaps has more of an exotic flavor.
While I would never buy any t-shirt from because I find the slogans on there pretty damn retarded and imbecilic, I find myself inevitably looking at their ads on the sides of websites because of Erica's stunning beauty. It seems to happen quite often in my browsing these days because BustedTees seems to be on almost every website I frequent. Alas, I can think of worse tortures to endure.

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  1. She is about as close as I come to endorsing human cloning. Absolutely stunning, the classic “sweet girl” look with a gorgeous figure to boot: the chest, definintely, but even besides that, her skin, her smile, and her hair are to die for.