Saturday, January 3, 2009

Websites I like, and you should too - My one stop shop for all movie related news/rumors/reviews. Also carries a highly amusing podcast every week where they review a current movie and bullshit about pop culture in general and movies specifically. Even had Paul Scheer for one podcast, the guy with the gap in his teeth on VH1's Best Week Ever. That's when you know you're big on the Net. - Four funny ass guys in animated Flash videos reviewing/making fun of the latest movies. Much more entertaining then the description I just gave. Once you've watched one, you're hooked. - Where I get my porn. Duh! - Cmon, everybody needs movie trailers. What better way to view em then as quicktime on the internet? I mean fuck, who needs to actually go all the way to the theater to see them, when they might be attached to some lame feature presentation, ya know? - Now I just recently found this site, recommended by some lass in Dark Destiny. Great site for free television shows. - A cozy little forum some online friends of mine set up back in the mid 90's for video gaming. I can't say I frequent it much anymore, but definitely full of intelligent discussion and general buffoonery. - For all my general non-porn bittorrenting needs.

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