Saturday, January 3, 2009

What's an Asian?

You know, it's sorta funny how people classify other people in our world. Take the word "Asian" for example. In America, we generally use it to define Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, or Japanese people. Maybe sometimes Hawaiians, but that's iffy. However, Americans generally won't refer to Indians or Russians as Asians. Even though, technically, they totally are Asian. I first noticed this when someone wrote that Harold and Kumar was the first mainstream film to star two Asian-Americans. It took me a second to realize that yes, Kumar is Indian and therefore technically Asian. But we usually just call Indians Indians, and not Asians. Same for Russians. They live in the upper colder part of Asia, but nobody goes around calling Ensign Chekov an Asian.

It's even weirder in Britain, they call Muslims Asians.

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