Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why Captain America should not be Big Willy

Ok, so this rumor comes out today that Captain America is gonna be played by Mr "Aw Hell Naw" Will Smith himself. Aintitcool, Slashfilm, etc all post it. Big hoopla, you can imagine. Turns out a couple hours later that actually no, Marvel had not ever talked about Will Smith for the role, it's all a bunch of internet bullshit. Which makes sense, the internet is a gravitational black hole for common-sense-defying turds. Yet in the meantime, a bunch of geeks and nerds had wasted intensive manhours into typing out lengthy reasonings and rebuttals about Mr. Smith's applicability for membership into the superhero fraternity.

Or they just ranted and raved and called each other racists for no goddamn reason.

Yea, let's stick with the latter, because it's the truth and what really happened. Now, I'm all for diversity. I think the civil rights movement was wonderful and needed and yadda yadda. But uh, I do not believe that Will Smith should play Captain America. Granted, I'm not even really a fan of the Patriotic Avenger, the only two Marvel superheroes I really like are Daredevil and Iron Man. But if they came up with a good movie about Cap, sure I'll go see it, I like superhero movies as much as the next guy. Ok, that's being modest. I actually like superhero movies way more then the average joe.

So yea, I've given thought to casting for superhero movies. And when there was that rumor that Beyonce Knowles was up for Lois Lane in Superman Returns, I thought no, that's a horrible idea. When Michael Clarke Duncan showed up as the Kingpin for Daredevil, I thought no, that's a horrible idea. And when Will Smith was mentioned for Superman, and now Captain America, I thought no, that's a horrible fucking idea. This does not make me a racist, anymore then it would be racist for someone to ask that Black Panther be played by a black guy. Cause guess what, Black Panther IS a black guy. Superman IS a white guy. An alien, but nonetheless a white alien. And Captain America is unquestionably a white guy with blond hair and blue eyes.

Now, some dumbass in a talkback said it was ok for actors to be different from the role that they were portraying, citing Bruce Wayne and Christian Bale. Obviously in real life, Christian Bale is a Welsh guy with a Welsh accent. Yet in the Batman movies, he's an American guy with an American accent. Guess what you amazingly amusing fuck, it's not that hard for Christian Bale to affect an American accent. It would be much harder, pretty much impossible for Will Smith to portray a Caucasian male with blond hair and blue eyes. Well actually, I guess we have the Wayan brothers to remind me that it's actually possible to alter one's appearance that much. Ok, well uh... it's sorta possible, but why go to that absurd length? It simply makes no sense. There are roles for black actors. Luke Cage, Black Panther, John Stewart, Storm... all superheroes that are actually black! OMGWTFBBQ...

It is not racist to demand an accurate and respectful treatment of the source material. This is what made Iron Man and The Dark Knight successes. It is not unreasonable to believe that an actor matching Steve Rogers' appearance can be found for the role of Steve Rogers. Yes, ths is an imperfect world, and little nitpicky stuff like the hair color of Harvey Dent will slip through (it's supposed to be brown in the comics, it was blond in the movie) but there should not be an intentional deviation for the sake of shock or novelty or celebrity status. Truly, in that way lies madness.

Oh, and I never liked the Fresh Prince anyways.

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