Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh my god, this was strange. And yet somehow hot.

Guess what, I had a really weird dream yesterday. Dunno why, but I dreamed that I had sex with my old high school science teacher. This is kinda weird, cause I never found her attractive when I was in high school. But lo and behold, I was just nailing her in the science closet. Ya know, that room where they have all the dioramas and microscopes and tools. Very awkward. Well, I just felt awkward waking up from that, cause we always had this sort of love-hate relationship in her class. On one hand, she was always really easy-going and friendly with students. But on the other... she was this really liberal environmentalist. So I would always call her out on pushing her agenda in... ya know, science class.

Like, we had this project to illustrate some form of environmental degradation one time. So I went and came up with this game called "Ghetto Bowling" whereby I constructed this apartment building and street, and made a chute where the apartment dwellers would slide their garbage down and try to knock over pedestrians on the street below. Ya know, to show the state of waste disposal in early 19th century cities. That got a good response.

And then there was this one time when someone else was giving a presentation on environmentally friendly housing construction, so he was talking about... I think it was straw-bale houses. So I, being the clever one, raised my hand and asked "Well now, hold on a second here. I'm no architect, but if the Three Little Pigs has taught me anything, it's that houses made out of straw aren't too structurally safe." Another sorta good example that comes to mind was this symposium that was being held by some professors. She was gonna give us all extra credit if we went, so I of course decided to go attend. They were discussing bacterial colonies I believe, so one of them asks the audience, "What are colonies composed of?" I immediately shout out, "Colonists?" She just turns to me and says in this exasperated voice "Thanks Pete."

So yea, it was an interesting class to be in. But never did I imagine I would want to fuck her. Cause... I totally didn't find her hot. Couldn't really tell how old she was. Late 30s, early 40s maybe? It's hard, cause I imagine teaching high school must age you horribly.

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