Thursday, April 9, 2009

Complete DoW 2 patch notes released

1.2.1 Patch Notes

AG Warrior nerf: Oh wow, Tyranids are definitely gonna be feeling this one. 52 to 40 is a huge 24% reduction.

Energy shield nerf: About what I expected. 4 to 1 efficiency ratio is still a potent defense. And the 8 second toggle cooldown means people aren't going to be microing the shields on and off in an inane manner.

Falcon regen nerf: Perfectly appropriate nerf. You can argue that the Eldar race in general is UP, and I wouldn't argue with you, but the T3 Falcon spam was getting pretty lame. Something's wrong when your T2 transport is invincible compared to your T3 main battle tank.

Ripper nerf: Still too durable.

Zoan nerf: Uh... 3 seconds? That's... sort of a nerf I guess. Kinda.

Guardian equipment nerf: Not sure why this was needed. Guardians using grenades didn't strike me as OP.

Carnifex cost increased: 50 more req and 10 more power... meh. Was hoping for more, but I suppose the AG warrior nerf will work to magnify the significance of this change.

Tac sarge nerf: Oooooouch. 50 to 28... almost a 50% reduction in damage. I suppose it's a nice push to grab ASMs.

ATSKNF nerf: Reduced to 40% damage... alright. Knockback's unaffected, so it still serves its purpose. Again, just an incentive to invest in ASMs.

Spore Mines nerf: Awesome.

Warp Spider DPS buff: Pretty great, it's a 50% increase. Hope that's enough. If not, try try again.

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