Saturday, April 4, 2009

My reaction to the upcoming Dawn of War 2 patch notes

The Carnifex cost increase is really nice though I always thought it was the pop that needed adjusting. 18 pop is way too low for a game-changing unit like that. I mean, Terminators take up 24. Does anyone really think Terminators are that much better?

The nerfing of the energy shields was pretty much expected, but got me thinking... the Terminator armor for the Force Commander really deserves some rethinking. A Thunder Hammer and Stormshield weapon option at the very least. Right now, it's completely unviable.

Definitely a nice change to warriors. We'll probably see a shift from full on AG spam to them including a few zooeys. Which is undoubtedly going to shift community focus onto them and their degree of OPness. Right now they're generally untouchable behind a solid wave of AG Warriors. But with the energy shield nerf... who knows. *shrug*

Overall, pretty good. Though the general impression I get with these notes is that tac spam is a more dire balance issue right now then Ravener tunnels. Which I can't really agree with.

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