Saturday, April 25, 2009

Watching Babylon 5: 2x5 - The Long Dark

Well fuck me... it's Lt. Reginald Barclay going all crazy here. Probably suffering from holo-addiction again, hehe.

Isn't it strange how all blankets in the future look like they're made out of tin foil? Or a car sunshade, I guess? That's gotta be damn uncomfortable. Star Trek TNG had the same exact blankets.

Asian security guard: "Damn lurkers... we oughta space all of em!" <-this right here is possibly the worst line reading I've ever heard.

Wait wait... this guard... he just said he "missed" the war? How the fuck do you miss a war when it's aliens trying to annihilate humanity? That doesn't seem like the sort of draft you can dodge. And Garibaldi's about the same age as he is, near as I can tell.

Ah jeez... the Doctor's already hooking up with that woman? After she just found out her husband's dead? That's pretty messed up. With her being in stasis for over a hundred years, it's gotta be drier then the Sahara down there...

Wow... the final showdown with the beast. I think I'm gonna lay off the CGI of the actual thing, since it's not good, but not mindnumbingly bad. Just gotta accept it, I guess. But... uh, the muzzle flash of their advanced scifi guns, that was really poorly done. There's no other way to describe that CGI. It looked like they just cut out the muzzle flashes from guns in comic books and pasted them into the scene. No idea why they didn't just use actual guns with actual muzzle flash. That would've worked out fine.

Oh snap, it was heading for Za Ha Doom. That means the invisible killer must've been some sort of disembodied Shadow. Nice continuity thread.

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