Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fuck You Turbine

You know what, I don't agree with newcomers to a forum being harrassed or abused. That's not cool. At the same time, there is a reason that you Turbine fans aren't being given the red carpet treatment and feel unwelcome. I'm gonna go ahead and break it down for you guys so you can at least understand where a lot of the Escapist people are coming from. Mind you, I'm new to the Escapist myself. Joined just to vote for Relic.

Here's the deal with Turbine. Let's say that a film website set up a competition to determine the best film of 2008. Tournament brackets, 64 film choices, the whole thing. Now, this is a film website, catering to serious film fans. And word gets out, different films start receiving fan support. You've got fans of The Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionaire, Wall-E... they're all registering to support their film. And one of the films on the ballot happens to be Twilight. Yes, Twilight. Now we all know about the uh, fan phenomenon of Twilight... they're somewhat insane. Rabid, insane tweens. With their moms. In huge groupings, they can trample and crush anything in their wake.

Now, once they get word of the competition, they start streaming in, swamping the ballots with their personal favorite film of 2008, Twilight. In the first round, they take out Milk. Second round, Iron Man. Then Wall-E. Now, they're winning against The Dark Knight. Twilight is beating The Dark Knight at the ballot for Best Movie of 2008. Regular visitors to the website, they don't much care for this. They don't like this huge influx of Twilight fanatics. Obviously, there's nothing that says huge Twilight communities can't mobilize and vote in this poll. But at the same time, seeing Twilight beating films like Wall-E and The Dark Knight is deeply troubling and chafes at their sensibilities.

Do you see, now? Do you get it? Am I making this situation clear?

Turbine is Twilight.
You Turbine fans are the Twilight fans.

I hope this shows you exactly what's going on here and you can now stop with the hang puppy dog pout and the "why me?" whimpers.

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