Saturday, April 25, 2009

Watching Babylon 5: 2x4 - A Distant Star

My impressions of the fourth episode of the second season:

Ya know, Garibaldi seems like such a nice affable guy. It's hard to believe he eventually turns into a bad egg. Wait... is it bad egg or bad apple? I think I meant to say bad apple. It's either bad apple or rotten egg, right? That sounds better.

Overall, no complaints about this episode. It was actually pretty good. I just thought everything pretty much worked. The friendship between Sheridan and the other captain seemed natural enough and not forced, we got some action (finally) with the Starfury rescue in hyperjump/hyperspace/subspace/Idon'tknowwhattheycallitinthisshow, and the humor with the main characters going on the food plan(diet) was pretty good, unlike the Drazi scenes from the other episode which I really did *not* like.

It's funny, the scene where Garibaldi was smuggling in ingredients for his traditional Italian dish really kinda reminded me of a SeaQuest DSV episode where a crewmember was smuggling in real beef for a hamburger, since meat had been outlawed in the future. But instead of getting caught and having the meal thrown out like in that show, it actually ended with him making the dish and sharing it with the Doctor in this really sorta... cozy and humorous scene.

And Delenn had some really poetic words about the universe at the end. Kinda fortune cookie-esque, but what can ya do... wise aliens always say stuff like that.

Only real flaws were the terrible acting from the panicked bridge crew on the Cortez, and the comm officer who had this really heavy Chinese accent for some reason. And uh, the CGI for the Cortez was pretty terrible, the texturing and geometry looked like something made in DoGA. I'd be really curious to see what Babylon 5 would look like if they'd used real models instead of CGI, like TNG and the first half of DS9.

Oh wow, I just found out D.C. Fontana wrote the 4th episode. That makes a lot of sense now.

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