Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ExoSquad: Memorable Quotation of the Day

Episode 1x11 - The First Step

Thrax: "We succeed or fail, for the glory of Phaeton?"
Glycon: "Phaeton is our leader, unfortunately."
Thrax: "Unfortunately."
Glycon: "But that's not our concern, we're soldiers. I've ordered a counterattack with all remaining forces to retake the main base. The attack will draw in the Terran e-frames, then you must lead an attack on the ExoCruisers."
Thrax: "Yes, Sir."
Glycon: "Thrax, we have one scout ship left. If the attack fails you must take as many of our people as you can and escape to Venus."
Thrax: "What about you?"
Glycon: "I will lead the counterattack."
Thrax: "You are sacrificing yourself for nothing."
Glycon: "Has it not occurred to you that we are all sacrificing ourselves for nothing? It has become Phaeton's war, not ours."

Sharos: "What are Glycon's orders?"
Thrax: "Do you never grow tired of it, Sharos? The fighting?"
Sharos: "It is what we were bred for."
Thrax: "And when the war is over? What will we do then?"
Sharos: "For us, the war will never be over."

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