Saturday, April 4, 2009

DoW 2: Hormagaunts and melee-synapse: Leap

Am I the only one who thinks melee-synapsed Hormagaunts are way too good? They get frigging leap! That makes them practically impervious to ranged fire. Let me tell you, ranged fire is not very far in this game. Not even a full screen length, at full zoom out. Tactical squads can get maybe 3 or 4 bursts off before hormagaunts close the distance and tie them up. With leap, they can reduce that to about 1 burst. Melee damage in DoW 2 is higher then ranged damage to compensate for the fact that you have to close the distance. That's the entire justification for weaker ranged damage. Leap removes that disadvantage almost completely. Leap allows your 240 requisition unit to completely trump a 500 requisition unit. Not to mention the knockdown it provides. I find leap pretty damn overpowered right now. If ranged units had twice the distance, leap would go from being amazing to merely a good addition. Which is what a synapse bonus should give you, IMO.

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