Sunday, April 19, 2009

Watching Babylon 5: 2x1 - Points of Departure

Well, started watching the second season of Babylon 5. Friend of mine said it was really good, so I said whatever, I'll give it a try. Started with the first episode "Points of Departure." That was the name of a custom FreeSpace 2 mission, now that I think about it. Pretty good one too, full of dogfights. Hopefully this isn't too bad.

Great... I start watching Season 2 and already Delenn's in a weird-looking cocoon. I wonder if you lose the security deposit on your apartment if you construct a cocoon inside?

The CGI's just how I remembered it, shit-tastic.

That's kinda humiliating... winning a war because the other side surrendered, even though they won every battle.

So... his brilliant strategy that led to the only victory in the war was... a minefield? Really? Wow. Do they call it the Sheridan Maneuver? It's just so innovative and daring. *rolls eyes*

So the Minbari are way ahead of the humans in technology, but their sensors can't detect a minefield? I think I'm trying pretty hard to like this show. But when something like that comes out, it's hard to suspend one's disbelief.

I would suspect that a race advanced enough to possess interstellar travel would have some sort of sensors to detect crude human fusion mines. Specially since they have a lot of other nifty tech like stealth fields.

And of course, it's not just that. If all you need to do is lay some minefields, why was this the only time a Minbari ship suffered a defeat? What were all the other earth ships doing during the way? Was the Lexington the only one that had fusion mines? Considering this is the single human victory in a war of total extermination, the actual Sheridan Maneuver is just wholly underwhelming.

Oh God, the CGI of that restaurant is fucking terrible. What the hell were they smoking when they came up with that?

It ends with him reading that boring speech in front of nobody? Fuck. Facepalm x100.

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