Sunday, April 19, 2009

Watching Babylon 5: 2x2 - Revelations

Holy God, the cocoon's leaking some nasty liquid. Now I'm posivitely certain the Minbari aren't gonna get their security deposit back, that is just unsanitary...

Londo doesn't seem to like G'Kar's people. There seems to be shenanigans afoot. Ya know, it kinda reminds me of a similar relationship, between the Cardassians and the Bajorans. That was another show that took place aboard a space station. Fancy that, what a coincidence.

And the actor who plays Morden... he's really really good at being smug. Smugness, it must've been one of the qualities listed on his resume. It's sort of a smarmy smugness. Smug mixed with smarmness? Anyways, he's amazing at it.

Wow, Delenn's now a cross between Palpatine and the Elephant Man. And gained the rare skin condition of Killer Croc. That's not an attractive feature.

Hmmmm, transferring one's life-force energy to another? How the hell do these actors keep a straight face while delivering these lines? I certainly can't, I've just been laughing along.

Wow, they sure like keeping a close up shot on Garibaldi's nostrils.

Fuck, I can't believe half of this episode is about Sheridan talking to his goddamn sister, who's played by this terribly wooden actress. And what do they talk about? His dead wife. This is exhilarating stuff, guys. Keep up the good work!

This actress playing the sister truly is horrible though. Not all that attractive either. This episode is the pits so far.

Is that a nicotrol patch on Sheridan's hand?

"I just didn't want her to go without telling her I loved her... one last time." Wow... could you be anymore cliched? Who wrote this fucking dialogue?

Wow Doctor, haven't you ever heard you're not supposed to pick at scabs? Delenn really needs some moisturizer... in a 5 gallon container. What are you? Well, right now you're pretty butt ugly, that's what you are. But don't worry, I'm sure there's some sort of parable about an ugly duckling that's lurking around somewhere in this script.

Why that wacky Londo, so sneaky and treacherous. Of course it's a good idea to tell Morden about the ship going to Za Ha Doom, it's not like Morden works for the Shadows or anything. And G'Kar... what a trusting guy to inform Londo. You seriously didn't have to tell him the exact time the scout ship was jumping in, that's just stupid.

Woot, it's that hot CNN anchorwoman, only here she's some psychic.

Wow, that was actually a nice scene. Found out about the unknown assassin and caught him with the hijinks of Butterfly Delenn.

Hmmmm... President Clark just happens to want the suspected assassin and all the evidence turned over to him at once. This isn't suspicious in the least.

"It's a trap!" Wow, those Shivan lasers are pretty powerful. Or the Narn ship is really fucking weak.

Jeez, Delenn... could you be anymore dramatic? Who walks around with a hood completely covering their face? What, did she just walk to the council chamber by looking at the floor?

So she has hair now? Really? That's the big transformation? Some hair on her head? Someone should've just gotten her a membership to The Hair Club for Men, and saved the whole being-inside-an-icky-cocoon.

Huh. Apparently... Sheridan's wife was Tasha Yar's sister. Small world. And uh, what's with the poor quality of Babylon 5's monitors? They're all fuzzy and the color looks bad.

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